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Do you wake up in the morning lacking the motivation to exercise?

Do you follow sports and say to yourself, ‘I want to do that, but how. I have aches and pains, I am not as young as I used to be, and look at this weight I have put on around my middle.’

Do you look at other business colleagues and ask yourself, ‘How do they stay fit, and play their sports with a busy schedule?’

You can be athletic, have fun, play the sports you like, be successful, loose that unwanted body weight, and win. It may not be at the professional level, but there are lots of levels of competition these days.

You may have aches and pains from old injuries or just from life.

You may have been focused on your business and family and let your health and athletic ability fall off a bit.

Maybe you have always wanted to compete in sports, but never felt you could or knew how to get started.

Don’t you want to be successful in a sport you like to play, just like you are successful in business?

Rather than watching other people on TV live their athletic dreams start living some of your own.

You are never too old to play and have fun.

Everyone can be an athlete.

Jon is an athlete at age 59

Jon was 40 pounds overweight, had knee pain, back pain, and cervical stenosis from years of a desk job and computer work. Jon used to play some basketball, but wanted to get into road cycling. Jon really wanted to enter “The Death Ride” in the Lake Tahoe area. This is a 135 mile bike race over 5 mountains so there is lots of climbing. Jon did not think he had the time to condition the body for cycling, and continue to spend time with his wife who also works fulltime and spend time with his son.

So Jon came to Michael Finn for a program to correct the aches and pains in the body, drop the unwanted body fat, and condition the body for cycling up large hills at altitude.

Now Jon weighs in at 180 pounds, his back is strong and healthy, there is no more pain in the knee, and his neck is a lot stronger to manage the cervical stenosis. Jon has completed a number of 100 mile bike rides, completed the death ride last year, posted a time 20 minutes faster in a 100 mile race this year, and has a goal of taking 40 to 60 minutes off his time for the death ride this year.

Jon can now ride away from riders while climbing hills that he used to struggle to keep up with.

Jon cylcing one

Jon has this to say about Michael’s super coaching powers.

Michael’s knowledge of the human body and how it all works is incredible. The workout programs he creates for me are a cross between physical therapy and strength and conditioning. The workouts are hard, but progress at a pace that I can adapt to. The focus of the workouts changes daily, weekly, and seasonally depending on my racing schedule, traveling for work, or busy times around the holidays. Michael has taught me a simple nutritional plan and instructed me how to listen to my body, so I can maintain a proper body weight for me and have energy for work and cycling. The deep tissue work Michael does helped me recover quickly from a separated shoulder and has improved the function of my neck.

Lisa is also an athlete at age 57

Lisa loves to play golf and go hiking. Lisa complained of having back, neck and shoulder pain that often reduced the amount of golf she wanted to play. Lisa also wanted to drop a couple of pounds off she was carrying around the middle.

Then Lisa started working with Michael and learned the specific quality of key exercises is much more important than quantity of exercise to improve her golf game. When golf is played multiple times per week, the program needs to be highly focused on recovery, joint balance, coordination, Core stability specific to golf, posture, and the ability to produce power under control time and time again.

Lisa Now plays golf three or more times per week. She doesn’t have back neck or shoulder pain restricting her playing time. Lisa can drive the ball 30 to 40 yards farther with less effort now. She has also reduced her waist size by two inches with minor nutritional changes and specific core work.

Lisa has this to say about Michael’s super coaching powers:

Here is why I am in awe of Michael Finn: he is a healer in the truest sense of the word.  He is sensitive, intuitive, and has a big heart.  He is aware of the power of energy, enjoys healing others, and uses his vast knowledge and talents to help his clients achieve their goals.  He is a remarkable human being. I had chronic low back and shoulder pain for over ten years and that is all gone now. I just want to say thanks for Michael’s magic thumbs and corrective exercise approach.

Nanci is also an athlete at age 63

When Nanci was in her late 50s she was experiencing neck and shoulder pain, headaches, was starting to have difficulty getting up from the floor, and was putting on weight. She had tried a number of gyms, but just didn’t feel like she was receiving what she needed to be successful.

Nanci saw a newspaper article featuring Michael Finn and his complete approach to health and fitness. She was excited from the beginning to complete the comprehensive physical assessments, and lifestyle questionnaires.

After working with Michael Finn Nanci had lost 12 pounds, developed core and overall body strength to eliminate all her aches and pains, and was starting to feel like an athlete.

Nanci had always wanted to try running, but was not interested in long distance running. Michael suggested sprinting in the Senior Games and local open track meets. The focus of Nanci’s workouts changed, but not the frequency or volume so that she could recover and stay injury free.

Nanci has since qualified and competed in the National Senior Games in the 50 meter and 100 meter sprints. Nanci sets new personal records and continues to get faster each year. She placed 6th overall in her age group in the 50 meter race, and 10th overall in the 100 meter race. She said it was a great experience competing in Alabama against the more than 30 others in her age group. Nanci now has her sights set on adding the 200 meter sprint and the Senior Games in 2019.

Nanci has this to say about Michael Super power coaching program:

Michael’s vast knowledge of the human body allows him to put together all the puzzle pieces so that I get the results that I want. He is patient and explains the benefit of everything he puts into my program. NO matter what my sports goals are, Michael always remembers my top priority goal is to continue to be healthy, fit and injury free for work and life. Michael gives me new things to do when I am ready to do them. My friends and family say I am not a normal 63 year old, I say go see Michael Finn and you too can be what you want to be.

So, if you too want to be a happy, healthy, fit and athletic person, schedule a free 30 minute phone consultation with Michael Finn Today.

Don’t sit around watching others live their dreams.

Have lots of fun spending time living your dreams.