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Pain Elimination

Many people have aches, pains or injuries they commonly blame on getting older.

Yes we are all aging, but it is when imbalance in the joints or homeostasis is lost in the body, pain starts creeping in.

The human body is electrical, hormonal, chemical, psychological, and physical. All of these major systems must be in balance and working together to be pain free.

I assess the entire body as a whole and together we work on restoring function to your body once again.

Deep tissue massage may be needed to hydrate the tissue so it can heal.

Stretching the strong tight muscles may be needed to balance join structures.

Strength building of weak often painful muscles is commonly needed when the tissue is ready.

When balance is restored to the painful area, total body functional movement must be used to integrate all the joints to work correctly together as one.

Your body is made from what you eat, so putting the nutrition in to heal damage tissue is also highly important.

Balance between exercise and rest is also a highly important factor that varies greatly from person to person.

I will tell you when something cannot be fixed only managed, but the earlier you start taking care of a painful situation the quicker, easier, and more likely together we can resolve the situation.

You can live a happy pain free life and do the things you enjoy as you age.

Do you want to be pain free? Don’t wait! Schedule your first appointment today.