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Weight loss health and fitness

Number one rule is assess don’t guess. The second part is I don’t judge. It is more important to know where you want to be, than to worry about what you are doing now.

I have been over weight and not very healthy. I have empathy. I have eaten an entire pan of brownies by myself, didn’t want to exercise, failed with fad diets, and so much more.

It is important to assess your stress level. Not just mental stress but also physical, Chemical, nutritional and others.

Stress is the stimulus to make us stronger, but more stress than we can recover from makes us weaker depleting the body of vitality and energy. I will coach you to recover and have the vitality and energy you crave.

From your assessment I can come up with a plan that will allow you to reach your goals.

Together we decide what parts to work on first and how much to do. When stress is high, energy is low, so small simple changes at first are best to reduce stress and build energy.

The most important part is regular checking in and feedback. What is working and what is not working. I will coach you through strategies to make the changes to reach your goals.

The best way to do this is with weekly or by-monthly meetings. In these meetings we will work on physical stress with massage, stretching, core work, or functional strength work depending on your needs and goals at that given time.

Why working on the physical we can talk about how the other changes you are making in your life are going and when you are ready to do new things. You will learn to manage the stresses from work, relationships, family, and yes even yourself.

It is this combination put together that will turn you into your dream self.

If I had a dollar for every time a client said I was going to be mad about eating something they know they shouldn’t have or playing an extra round of golf instead of resting a shoulder, I would have millions in the bank.

I don’t get mad. I will only coach you through the process of learning to follow the path that will lead you to your happy healthy and fit dream. It is not about being guilty, it is about learning that actions you take lead to results.

I will coach you how to more frequently choose the actions that lead you to the successful results you want.

Do you want to step out of the body you don’t want into the happy healthy body you do want? Schedule your first appointment today!